China Chapter

First conceptualized following the highly successful Alliance for International Education (AIE) 2006 Conference in Shanghai, Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) initiated the formation of an Asian Branch of the Alliancefor International Education in 2007. 

Our mission was to continue the momentum from the Shanghai conference to reach a wide range of international education enthusiasts across China.  With the support of YCEF we organised and held the first AIE Gathering at the Scholars Conference Hotel in Huangshan, Anhuiprovince, Chinain June 2008.  There were 50 participants from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, among others. Nine papers were presented in two strand groups:  International Education in Early Childhood Education and Language, Art and IT in International Education.  The highlight of this beginning stage was the launch of our website, approved by the Trustees:

Following this success, we organised our first AIE Asian Branch working committee to begin the process of formalising an official chapter of AIE in Asiain late 2007.  Due to costs of travel in the region, we decided the working committee should be in Hong Kong. Members of the working committee:

Dr Betty Chan, Chair – Director of Yew Chung Education Foundation HK

Dr Gary Morrison, Vice-Chair – Asstistant Director of Yew Chung Education Foundation HK

Mr Michael Izzard, Treasurer - Independent Educational Consultant HK

Ms Jane Harris – Head Primary School IT, Chinese International School HK

Prof Xiao – Early Childhood Education Specialist, Shenzhen, PRC

Mr Anthony Dang– Yew Chung Education Foundation HK

The working committee changed the name Asian Branch to China Branch with the view that our primary mission was to reach across China and that the AIE would have additional chapters in Asia. We changed our designation from Asian branch to China Chapter, and we envisioned conferences every two years, alternating with the worldwide AIE conference, that would serve as a platform to try out papers or presentations in preparation for the following worldwide conference. Therefore, we asked the AIE Trustees if they would announce the next conference theme immediately following the worldwide conference, so that the regional chapter could use it to stimulate papers and presentations in the off year regional conferences as a means of developing presentations and interest in the subsequent year’s worldwide conference. While the committee is still working on writing its articles and resolving the establishment of a bank account legitimising the organisation, the AIE China Chapter went ahead with the planning of a second gathering.  A Call for Papers was sent our and an invitation with registration form for the AIE China Chapter Gathering to be held at the Yew Wah International Education School in Shanghai, 23-25 October, under sponsorship of the Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited.

The Shanghai Gathering more than doubled the response of the first gathering in Huangshan.  There were 133 participants from across China and from Australia, including presenters from University of South Queensland, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, Shanghai Normal School, East Asia Normal School of Shanghai, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, and from ECE, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, among others.  23 papers were presented in three strand groups:  “Curriculum Approaches, Identity and Creative Thinking”, “Multi-cultural Education”, and “Internationalization Leading to Higher Education”.  Guest keynote speakers included the Deputy Minister of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission who overseas all 22 international schools in Shanghai.  As our conferences are all bilingual, interpretation services were and are always provided.  Questionnaires were distributed and from the returned forms there was very positive feedback that will guide the working committee as it moves forward.

To summarise, we have a working committee based in Hong Kong. We are working on legalising the organisation through establishment of a bank account, which is complicated here, and completing our Articles for the formation of our China Chapter. Our mission is to create links and partnerships across China and among Chinese educators particularly. Our plan is to hold a regional China Chapter conference in the year preceding the worldwide AIE conference to serve as a platform for trying out presentations and building attendance for the worldwide, the working committee is now developing a longer range view and plan of action for the expansion and development of the AIE China Chapter. Right now we are posting everything on our website and will use it as a major means of linking our China participants.