Chapter Policy Document

Purpose of Chapters

AIE Local Chapters shall encourage, promote and facilitate partnerships/projects at the local level congruent with stated AIE Mission and Beliefs.

Establishment of Chapters

Local Chapters may be proposed by individuals within the broader educational community, however in the initial stages a Board of Trustee member must be consulted and provide documented support for the establishment of the chapter.

A formal application for the establishment of an AIE Chapter must be submitted to the AIE Board of Trustees for endorsement. Applications can be made at any time. A formal application must include; rationale/purpose, proposed organisational structure, constitution, planned activities (for first year of operation), financial modelling (for first year of operation), code of practice, reporting mechanism to Board and other information deemed appropriate in support of the application.

Local Chapters will be responsible for generating and managing their own funding independent of the Board of Trustees.

The formal application, including Board of Trustee member supporting documentation, is to be sent directly to the AIE Board Chair. 

The Board of Trustees will consider the formal application and determine one of the following outcomes; grant full chapter status; application not supported; seek additional information before determining outcome.

Applicants will be informed of their application outcome no later than 28 days following lodgement of application.

Where full chapter status is not granted a written rationale will be provided and a re-submission allowed.

The AIE Board of Trustees reserves the right to withdraw endorsement and nullify all agreements where a local chapter acts contrary to the spirit of the AIE Mission and Beliefs or otherwise acts in any way that may bring disrepute the to AIE.

Links to AIE Board of Trustees

It is important that local chapter’s feel valued and connected to the mission and work of the AIE. Subsequently it is important that a Board of Trustee member is involved with the local chapter, in the initial phase at least. This need not necessarily be in a formal executive position, but minimally as a way of providing a link to the larger AIE family and ensuring integrity of the AIE mission and beliefs.

Attendance at AIE conferences by members of local chapters is to be encouraged and a report of current year activities must be tabled at the AIE Annual General meeting.


Local Chapters are permitted to use the AIE logo on all official correspondence/advertisements where the Board of Trustees has granted establishment status.