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Geneva Accommodation

Please note that participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for accommodation during the duration of the conference.

The list below is a small selection of hotels within central Geneva.

The following hotels are collated according to their price (source kayak.com as of 10th June 2019).

GBP£100-150 per night

The Century Hotel http://century.hotel-geneva-center.com/en/  Avenue de Frontenex, 4, 1207 Genève

Hotel Diplomate https://diplomate-hotel.hotels-geneva.org/en/Rue de la Terrassière 46 1207 Genève

Tiffany Hôtel https://www.tiffanyhotel.ch/en/ Hôtel Rue de l’Arquebuse 20 1204 Geneva

l'Hotel Royal, https://www.hotelroyalgeneva.com/en/ Rue de Lausanne 41-43, Genève

l'Hotel Jade, https://www.hoteljadegeneva.com Rue Rothschild 55, Genève

Le Cénacle https://le-cenacle.hotels-geneva.org/en/17 Promenade Charles-Martin, CH-1208 Genève

GBP£151-200 per night

Eastwest Hotel https://www.eastwesthotel.ch/en/  Rue Des Paquis 6 1201 Genève

l'Hotel N'vY, https://www.hotelnvygeneva.com  Rue de Richemont 18, Genève

Calvy http://calvy.ch/en/ 5, Ruelle du Midi 1207 Genève

The Ambassador http://www.hotel-ambassador.ch/en/ Quai des Bergues 21 1201 Genève

GBP£201-250 per night

Hotel Bristol www.bristol.ch  Rue du Mont-Blanc 10 1201 Genève


The Metropole https://www.metropole.ch/  34 Quai General Guisan, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland

Hotel Les Armures http://www.hotel-les-armures.ch/  1, rue Puits-St-Pierre, 1204 Genève

Le Richemond https://www.lerichemond.com/en/contact-us Rue Adhémar-Fabri, 8-10 1201 Genève