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Call for proposals

Good news! The deadline for submitting a proposal has been extended. If you wish to submit a proposal, please do so before 31st August 2019!

We look forward to hearing from you.

AIE conferences aim to bring together those involved in the promotion of intercultural understanding and international education, including researchers and practitioners from around the world at every level of education. The 2019 conference programme will include a series of related strand sessions based on small group presentations and discussion around a range of topic areas, in addition to keynote presentations by distinguished speakers. There will also be a host of other informal opportunities for the exchange of views and experience around the overall conference theme of Rethinking International Education - Values and Relevance. All participants will be members of one of the strand groups, and those who wish to make a presentation within one of the strands should submit a proposal via the AIE website, as outlined below.

To submit a proposal, please upload to the conference website an abstract of the proposed presentation (not exceeding 300 words), together with the name(s) and full contact details (telephone number and e-mail) of conference presenter(s).

All proposals will be peer reviewed. Each presentation will last for a maximum of 20 minutes, followed by 25 minutes of discussion.

Proposals for presentations should relate to the overall conference theme (Rethinking International Education – Values and Relevance) and, more specifically, to one of the topic areas included below.

The conference strand structure will be developed on the basis of accepted proposals. Proposals for presentations may be based on completed research or other projects, on classroom and whole school/institution experience, or on ideas for innovative schemes or topics for future exploration.

Proposals will be welcomed from those with interests and experience across the age range from early years to university level and from those with responsibility for leading change in systems of schools/colleges, as well as from those with experience of leading individual institutions. In relating to one of the following topic areas, presentations will be expected to draw on issues relating to values and to relevance of the area in our rapidly changing world.

Proposals for presentations should be made in relation to the following areas. 

  • Rethinking the Curriculum in International Education
  • Rethinking Assessment in International Education
  • Rethinking the role of Language in International Education
  • Rethinking Learning, Teaching and Pedagogy in International Education
  • Rethinking Leadership and Management in schools and other institutions promoting International Education
  • Rethinking International Education in the local context
  • Rethinking International Education in the global context
  • Rethinking the role of Technology in International Education
  • Rethinking support for the development of teachers in promoting International Education
  • The role of Culture in rethinking International Education
  • The Purposes of International Education for the future
  • Engaging with Difference in future International Education
  • International Education for all; the challenges for achievement in the future 

The closing date for receipt of proposals will  now be 31st August 2019.  

Acceptance Procedure 

After a proposal has been provisionally accepted, potential presenters will be required to register for the conference. Only after completion of conference registration will the proposal be confirmed as being accepted for inclusion in the programme. Following the closing date for receipt of proposals, the conference strand programme will be drawn up on the basis of the accepted proposals, and presenters will be notified of the specific focus of the strand in which their presentation will be located. 

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