Upcoming conference

Welcome from Principal Kees van Ruitenbeek and Headmaster Boris Prickarts

Welcome to the Esprit School Group, welcome to Amsterdam!
It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the Esprit School Group and to Amsterdam.

The Esprit School Group is a Dutch consortium of twelve internationalising primary and secondary schools in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For Esprit, internationalisation of education is all about how we prepare our students for their futures. Each of the Esprit schools implements this in their own particular way. We believe that the futures of our students have in common that it will be a time in which bridges will be built between home and the rest of the world.

For all of the schools internationalisation of education also means that students know and understand more about the differences and about the diversity inherent to the multicultural world around them, and that they are able to feel at home there. Thus, they are able to contribute, to view things from another person's perspective, to be somebody, to be different, to meet people and join people, to recognise injustice and to address it and to remain curious and to discover opportunities.

We are delighted with the opportunity to host the Alliance for Education conference in 2017 as the AIE conference is a very special conference. It brings together education practitioners and researchers from many different backgrounds. It does so, using a unique structure that allows the participants to truly engage with and contribute to a relevant set of topics and ideas in education.

We are looking forward to your attendance because the conversations and contacts that develop during the conference will challenge and help us to shape our ideas and actions, as well as our own thinking about ways in which we can internationalise education within our differing context.

We hope that your stay in a colourful place like Amsterdam will be a memorable one!

On behalf of the AICS management team

Kees van Ruitenbeek, Principal and Boris Prickarts, Headmaster