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Exhibitors are very welcome at our conferences.

They are so important to us that we ask them or suggest to them to participate in the conference as a delegate.  Past exhibitors have commented that participating in AIE conferences has given them unexpected insights.

The exhibition is open during breaks and meals so that it is much more interesting for exhibitors to fully participate in the conference.  The other delegates will then also benefit from the exhibitors' expertise and input within the strands.

Exhibitors can exhibit free of charge. They contribute financially to the conference in the same way as all other delegates.

Exhibitors are given one (undressed) table, two chairs and a bulletin board in the main exhibition hall and are invited to bring all the rest.  There will be space for a pop-up banner either side of the table (if needed).  If they want/need more space they are very welcome to contact Beatrice Caston (

Exhibitors can register, using the same registration form as all the conference delegates and will have a space (on the registration form) to indicate that they are an exhibitor.

Four weeks before the conference, exhibitors will receive an email with all the final details.

The floor plan is allocated by the AIE on a first come, first serve basis.

Exhibitors can send their materials (no sooner than one week before the conference due to limited onsite storage). They are responsible for the shipment and delivery of their boxes.

The AIE and the conference hosts very much look forward to the participation of many exhibitors.