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There has never been an era in which international learning is as critical as today.  The way that young people see their world will determine the future in more significant ways than ever before.  The impact is wide ranging and the imperative to act is crucial - in relations between peoples of different beliefs and cultures, in the human and natural ecosystem, in what it means to grow up in a digitally connected world, in the way we encourage young peole to an awarenes and a response to the evolving global scene, and much more.  In Melbourne we explored together how education can make a difference.

The AIE's unique format ensured that participants played an active role in the conference process and the collective outcomes.  Stimulating plenary sessions were accompanied by in-depth analysis of specific themes in strand groups, where only half the time was given over to presentations so that debate amongst the strand team lead to profound exchanges and the evolution of plans over three days of discussion.  This time we also had a special focus on bringing together participants from similar professional backgrounds to develop ideas and initiatives that would be relevant in their own contexts when the conference is over.

The Conference consisted of 3 action-packed days with an educational programme that was supported by outstanding opportunities for networking.  Take a look at the links below to get an idea of what was planned and what took place: