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Strand Themes

The Alliance for International Education brings together all those who are committed to advancing international and intercultural understanding through education. It promotes collaborative ventures that enhance the learning of relevant concepts, skills and values.
;Educating for Global Citizenship'

Strand Themes
1. Defining global citizenship
(Issues surrounding the current debate, in both national and international contexts, about the nature of global/world citizenship both from ideological/political standpoints and from the realities of implementing ideas in practice. Ideological and pragmatic dimensions will be explored).)
2. Developing the global citizen in diverse contexts
(Exploration of the ways in which differing cultural, political, economic, social and religious perspectives can contribute to the achievement of education goals for global citizenship in both national and international institutions)
3. Helping teachers and administrators to promote global citizenship
(Local, regional and global implications for the preparation and professional development of teachers and administrators in the pedagogic challenges for global citizenship education in national and international schools)
4. Designing curriculum for global citizenship and international understanding
(An exploration of the ways in which appropriate forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in the promotion of global citizenship can be incorporated in the design of subject- and non-subject-based curricula at all levels of the educational process, including lifelong learning, in both national and international contexts. Challenges in the assessment and evaluation of global citizenship)
5. Partnerships that make a difference in promoting global citizenship
(Sharing of experiences of successful collaborations in the promotion of global citizenship and the generation of criteria for effective planning for partnership in the future, within and between both national and international partners)
6. Challenges for institutions that promote global citizenship
(Issues surrounding the development of effective organisational structures, management regimes and governance models in the promotion of global citizenship in both national and international institutional settings)