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Terry Haywood, AIE Trustee

Terry Haywood became an international educator in 1974 and served as Headmaster of the International School of Milan from 1985 until his retirement in 2016.

His career spanned a period of immense strides in our understanding of international learning, curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment. Accompanying this awareness there emerged a dedicated professional discourse on international education, supported by a strong field of research in universities across the world. In the years to come there will be even more prospects and opportunities for international learning but the successes of the pioneering era are giving way to a new challenges, and Terry suspects that the years to come will be critical for safeguarding the principles and values that lie at the heart of international education in an increasingly competitive environment. Fundamental to this vision, for Terry, is the belief that international and global vision is an essential component of learning for all children in the twenty-first century. He hopes that the Alliance for International Education will play a part in this development along with a wide range of partners working at global and regional levels.

Before becoming a teacher, Terry studied Physics (Natural Philosophy) at Oxford University but he always blended scientific interests with a fascination for history and the human context in which ideas are generated.  He has been involved in a wide range of professional activities, serving on the Board of Directors of the European Council of International Schools, serving as Chair for two years, and leading accreditation teams to schools in five continents. Over the past twenty years he has published numerous articles and presented at a wide range of conference on topics related to international education.