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Beatrice Caston, AIE Vice-Chair - International School of Duesseldorf, Germany

Beatrice Caston is Admissions, Communication and Development Director at the International School of Düsseldorf.

A life-long curiosity and passion for humankind, human psychology, cultures and communication has eventually led to an enthusiastic commitment to education and transformational learning in general and to international education in particular.

International education in all its forms, shades, and scales has a tremendous pioneering role and worldwide responsibility and careful reflection is needed for it to continue to develop and serve effectively.

Beatrice’s university studies and qualifications and a variety of roles, responsibilities and experience in NGOs, corporate settings and the world of education are now valuable assets in the AIE.  They serve well when it comes to bringing together interested individuals and organizations, to creating a safe, alert and meaningful environment for the “meeting of minds” and to trusting the outcomes, which then invariably could make a local and global difference.

Beatrice, a Belgian national, has lived and worked in different countries and is very actively involved in several international organizations, including the European Council of International Schools and the Council for Advancement and Support in Education.  One of her life’s endeavors is the furthering of intercultural understanding, cross-cultural communication and international cooperation.

In her current responsibilities, she also is committed to building bridges between the world of (international) education and NGOs, the corporate world and the worlds of politics and diplomacy.