AIE Statutes

Statement of Purpose 

The Alliance for International Education brings together those who are committed to advancing international education and intercultural understanding to develop ideas and practices through sharing and exploring their similarities and differences.


Membership of the AIE is open to all who subscribe, commit and adhere to its Statement of Purpose. It is not a fee-paying membership organisation. An associate of AIE, be that an individual, school, university or government is termed an AIE partner” and can register as such through the AIE website or by attending an AIE conference or event. Partners can access any relevant information upon request. 

AIE partners include representatives of the following groups:

  • government schools within national systems of education
  • independent and international schools
  • universities colleges, teacher training institutes etc
  • ministries of education or other relevant branches of government
  • educational membership organisations
  • curriculum, assessment and examination agencies
  • educational service providers
  • educational consultancies
  • international aid agencies NGOs etc
  • multinational corporations
  • individuals

The raison d’être of the AIE

The AIE promotes collaborative ventures to further understanding and action in the field of intercultural and international learning in the following ways:

  1. organize conferences and events that bring together the AIE partners
  2. provide ongoing forums for interaction and dialogue for interested parties
  3. explore and interpret the meanings and relevance of internationalism, globalization, international mindedness and multiculturalism in education
  4. share research and good educational practice from schools and universities
  5. enliven, inform and enhance more powerful multicultural interpretations of education
  6. contribute to educational debate and policy making
  7. maintain a data base of sources, consultants and information in areas of its remit
  8. provide sources and support to assist partners in the development of educational policies and practices
  9. provide national governments, international educational agencies and international aid agencies with access to AIE discussions and resources

The AIE enacts its statement of purpose and assists its partners by organizing its operation through:

  1. virtual forums using electronic data transmission
  2. national or regional chapters
  3. international conferences

AIE Regional Chapters

AIE Regional Chapters are an integral component of the overall purpose of the Alliance. Regional Chapters provide form and function in regional contexts whereby theAlliance and all it stands for can be put into effect at the local level.

Regional Chapters of the Alliance will be formed under the auspices of the AIE Board and operate in accordance with AIE beliefs, goals and statement of purpose. Regional chapters will develop protocols consistent with good governance to guide their management and operations.

Membership of regional chapters will be open to all who believe in and commit to the AIE statement of purpose and provides a vital communication link between supporters, members and the AIE Board.  

The Board of Trustees

The AIE is registered in United Kingdom as a not-for-profit company. It has a Board consisting of ten Trustees appointed by the existing Board.

The present Trustees are:

  • Norm Dean  (Chair)
  • Jeff Thompson CBE  
  • Beatrice Caston 
  • Darlene Fisher  (Executive Secretary)
  • Mary Hayden
  • Terry Haywood
  • Boris Prickarts (Treasurer)
  • Hana Kanan
  • Cheryl Duckworth
  • Jack Levy

The Board subscribes to internationally accepted norms of good governance. The Trustees are appointed on a voluntary basis with no remuneration other than the reimbursement of expenses incurred in attending meetings of the Board.

The Board normally meets twice each year in committee sessions, and maintains ongoing contact on agenda matters throughout the year. The Board has the following functions:

  • Appointments
  • Strategic Planning and Policy
  • Fiduciary Responsibility


The AIE adheres to the principle that its administration must be lean and efficient, with operating costs kept to a minimum.

At the discretion of the Board of Trustees, the Administration may be carried out either through the voluntary Working Groups or through the appointment of an administrator. The appointment of a Director, the establishment of a central Administrative Office and the appointment of any support staff which the Board deems to be appropriate should not incur any fees or obligations on the part of AIE partners.

Any local or regional initiatives promoted by the Board should also incur no overall cost to AIE partners although it is envisaged that these may incur logistic support of a voluntary nature from AIE partners in that region.


The Alliance of International Education is a not-for-profit company registered with the Charities Commission of the United Kingdom. It does not have a membership fee but relies for operating expenditure on the following:

  • donations from public and private sources
  • income generated from conference initiatives and other activities
  • fees charged for consulting or other services provided to partners and others

The Alliance for International Education holds two bank accounts. A current account is used for operational purposes in accordance with an annual budget established by the Board and an investment account holds the AIE surplus.